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Ryokan Tsuchi and Ito is believed to have been built before the Meiji era.
It consists of the main house of a village headman and an earthen storehouse, and has been fully renovated to create a modern one-room resort that seems to blend the past with the present.

Supervises Design Tetsuro Kato(Ka na ta Designer)
Building Construction Yukio Kitamura,Yasumi Takekawa
Garden Construction Terashima Landscaping Co.


The Only KURA bedroom

Please step into the KURA bedroom.
We want you to sharpen your five senses and enjoy the taste
In addition to the Tatami room with bedding, there is a bathroom, toilet, and washbasin.
We hope you enjoy your stay.


GOEMON Bathroo​m

In the bathroom, we have a GOEMON Bath that has been used since the Edo period.

Please use the bath amenities provided,
Enjoy a relaxing bathing experience.

DSCF2550 2のコピー2_edited.jpg

The Luxury OMOYA

In the main house, a wooden floor and a Japanese-style room extend from the earthen floor at the entrance
The garden can be viewed from the north and south porches.
From check-in to dining, you can enjoy a relaxing time as a private space.


The Garden

After passing through the Main gate, there is a..,
In the slightly uneven garden, there is a private space that only visitors can see. Whether you view it from the porch of the main house or step into the garden to watch the movement of clouds and the starry sky, you can enjoy the garden's sense of the four seasons.


Services & Amenities

Accommodation Plans


Air bnb [Evening meal (light meal) can be served].

Accommodation Plan with Breakfast

Full Course Special Plan [ Dinner and Breakfast ]

check in
After 15:00

check out
10 o'clock

Contents of main amenities
Shampoo/Conditioner/Body soap/Towel/Face towel/Bath towel/Toothbrush set/Outdoor hot spring set/Hair dryer/Nightwear/Slippers/Facial cleanser/Toner/Emulsion/Mini refrigerator/Natural water (free)/Slightly carbonated water (Free)/Electric kettle/Tea set (Free)/Hot water bottle (winter)/Panel heater (winter)/Air purifier

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