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Discover Omi

Welcome to Shinshu-Omi


Located in the center of the Matsumoto/Azumino and Nagano regions, Omi Village has a rich history and is home to Omi-juku on the Zenkoji Kaido Road.


Hijiri Highland has long been a vacation resort area, with lakes, ski resorts, golf courses, and other amenities.

A short train or car ride away from Hijiri Highland, Mt.Obasute

The night view from there is also spectacular, and has been selected as one of the three best night views from a train window in Japan.

Beyond Omi

Around Omi, there are famous hot springs in Shinshu, tourist attractions such as Wasabi plantations, Alps mountains, and shrines and temples where people from all over the world gather.

​We hope you will experience the wonderful Japan from the base of "Tsuchi to Ito".

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