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Accommodation agreement/usage rules

Article 1 (Application of these terms and conditions)

  1. Accommodation agreements and related agreements regarding accommodation facilities of Ryokan Tsuchitoito (hereinafter referred to as "this facility") shall be in accordance with these accommodation agreements (hereinafter referred to as "these agreements"). However, matters not stipulated in this agreement shall be governed by laws and customs.

  2. The facility complies with the special agreement to the extent that it does not violate laws and customsIn such cases, the special agreement shall take precedence regardless of the provisions of the preceding paragraph.

Article 2 (Refusal to conclude an accommodation contract)

This facility may refuse to conclude an accommodation contract in the following cases.

  1. When the application for accommodation does not comply with these Terms and Conditions.

  2. When there is no room in the guest room due to full occupancy.

  3. When it is recognized that the person who intends to stay is likely to act contrary to the provisions of laws and regulations, public order or good morals regarding accommodation.

  4. When the person who intends to stay is clearly recognized as having an infectious disease.

  5. When the Guest is deemed to fall under any of the following items (a) to (c).

    1. Organized crime groups, gang members, associate members of organized crime groups, persons affiliated with organized crime groups, and other anti-social forces

    2. When an organized crime group or an organized crime group member is a corporation or other organization that controls business activities

    3. A corporation that has a member of an organized crime group among its officers

  6. When a violent request is made regarding accommodation, or when a burden exceeding the reasonable range is requested.

  7. When accommodation cannot be provided due to natural disasters, facility failures, or other unavoidable reasons.

  8. When the person who intends to stay is intoxicated and is deemed to cause a significant nuisance to the neighborhood, or when the other resident is likely to cause a significant nuisance to other guests.

  9. When trying to bring in dangerous items (firearms such as stoves, petroleum products) and items that are harmful to the human body.

  10. When it falls under Article 9 of the Nagano Prefecture Ryokan Business Law Construction Ordinance.

  11. When the guest has refused to conclude an accommodation contract or canceled an accommodation contract in the past.

Article 3 (Application for accommodation contract)

  1. A person who intends to apply for an accommodation contract with this accommodation facility shall notify this accommodation facility of the following particulars:

    1. Guest address, name, phone number, gender, nationality and occupation

    2. Accommodation date, estimated time of arrival, company name, applicant's phone number and name

    3. hotel fee

    4. Other matters deemed necessary by the accommodation facility

  2. In the event that the lodger requests, during his/her stay, the continuation of the lodging beyond the lodging date set forth in Item 2 of the preceding paragraph, a new application for an accommodation contract will be made only if the facility has not made a reservation for the period of stay. treated as a thing.

Article 4 (Establishment of accommodation contract, etc.)

The accommodation contract shall be concluded when the facility accepts the application in Article 3 and confirms the payment. For payment methods and cancellation policies, please refer to this agreement and terms of use. In addition, if this facility does not accept the application for the accommodation contract, the accommodation contract will not be concluded.

Article 5 (Special contract requiring no payment of application fee)

  1. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding Article, the Facility may enter into a special agreement that does not require payment of the application fee as stipulated in the same Article after the conclusion of the contract.

  2. When accepting the application for an accommodation contract, if the facility does not request payment of the application fee as stipulated in the preceding article or does not specify the due date for payment of the application fee, it will be treated as acceptance of the special contract as stipulated in the preceding paragraph.

Article 6 (Guest's Right to Cancel Contract)

When the accommodation contract of Article 4 is concluded, the guestIf you cancel or partly cancel, you will be required to pay a penalty. Regarding penalties, please check the contents described in the following Article 7 "Right to cancel the contract of this facility in the terms of use".

Article 7 (Right to cancel the contract of this facility)

The facility may cancel the accommodation contract in the following cases. In this case, the accommodation contract that the guest has not yet received shall be processed in the same manner as in Article 6.

  1. When it falls under each item of Article 2.

  2. If there are omissions or errors in the matters specified in each item of Article 3, Paragraph 1 and the items of Article 8, Paragraph 1, and you do not respond to corrections, you have intentionally misrepresented these matters. when it turns out

  3. When a person other than those authorized in the accommodation contract enters the guest room (unauthorized entry of persons other than the guest, unauthorized accommodation, etc.).

  4. When you do not comply with the usage rules stipulated in Article 11.

  5. When you smoke in the building, or mischief against firefighting equipment, etc.

Article 8 (Registration of accommodation)

The guest shall register the following particulars with the facility by the day of accommodation.

  1. Item 1 of Article 3

  2. For foreigners, passport number, place of landing in Japan and date of landing

  3. Departure date and scheduled departure time

  4. If the payment of charges based on Article 10 is to be paid by a method that can replace cash such as credit card payment, that fact

  5. Other matters deemed necessary by this facility

Article 9 (Check-in/Check-out time)

  1. The time at which guests can enter the facility (check-in time) is from 3:00 p.m.

  2. Unless otherwise approved by the Facility, the Facility may not be used at any time other than the hours specified in Paragraph 1.

  3. In the case of consecutive nights (when staying for 2 days or more in a row)You can use it all day except for arrival and departure days, but since it is room cleaning time from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, the room staff will enter the room.

Article 10 (Payment of fees)

  1. Payment of charges related to the use of this facility, excluding the application fee, shall be made online at the time of the guest's departure or when requested by this facility by cash or a method other than cash such as credit card payment.If you pay the fee by a method that can replace cash such as credit card payment, it is limited to cases where you have registered in advance in Article 8.

  2. If the guest voluntarily shortens the period of stay after starting to use the guest room, the provisions of Article 6 will apply.

Article 11 (Compliance with Usage Rules)

Guests are required to comply with the following rules of use within the premises of the facility.

Article 12 (Responsibility for accommodation)

  1. The facility will not be held responsible for any damage caused to the guest, unless there is a reason attributable to the facility. If damage is caused to the guest due to negligence on the part of this facility, we will compensate for the damage up to the accommodation fee. However, this does not apply when there is intentional or gross negligence on the part of the facility.

  2. In the event that the facility is unable to provide the guest room to the guest, except in cases where it is difficult due to natural disasters or other reasons, when it is the responsibility of the facility, with the guest's consent, similar to the guest We can arrange other accommodation for a fee. In this case, we will not charge the accommodation fee for the day when the provision of the guest room can not be continued.

Article 13 (Handling of Deposited Items, etc.)

  1. This facility does not handle deposited items.

  2. Regarding goods, cash and valuables (hereinafter referred to as "goods, etc.") brought into the facility by the guest, damage such as loss, damage, etc., unless there is a reason attributable to the facility. We will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur.

Article 14 (Storage of baggage or belongings)

  1. In the event that the guest's luggage or belongings (including items in the safe) are left behind at the facility after the guest has checked out, when the owner is identified, the facility shall We will contact the person and ask for their instructions. However, if there is no instruction from the owner or if the owner is unknown, we will keep it for 7 days including the date of discovery.

  2. After the expiration of the storage period in Clause 1, we will deliver it to the nearest police station.

Article 15 (Parking Lot)

The facility has a parking space for 2 regular passenger cars as a parking lot exclusively for guests. However, the facility is not responsible for any accidents or thefts that occur in the parking lot.

Article 16 (Responsibilities of Guests)

If the facility suffers damage due to the guest's intention or negligence, the guest will be required to compensate the facility for the damage.

Article 17 (Jurisdiction and Governing Law)

Any and all disputes arising from accommodation contracts or other matters related to the use of this facility shall be resolved in accordance with the laws and regulations of Japan, with the Nagano District Court as the exclusive jurisdictional court of first instance, depending on the amount of complaint.shall be

Remarks (accommodation fee calculation method)

  1. The accommodation fee that the guest should pay is "room charge + food and drink such as dinner/breakfast + service charge".

  2. Additional charges payable by the guest (food and drink such as dinner/breakfast other than those included in the preceding paragraph) are not included in the accommodation charges.

  3. Child rate (junior high school students and above) is 5,000 for one night without mealsYen: 7,000 yen per night with breakfast; 10,000 yen per night with full service;

Usage rules

In order to maintain the public nature and safety of the facility, guests using the facility are required to comply with the following rules based on Article 11 of the accommodation agreement. If this rule cannot be observed, the accommodation contract may be canceled according to Article 7 of the accommodation agreement.

  1. Do not use fire or other sources of fire within the facility.

  2. Do not smoke inside the facility (the facility is completely non-smoking).

  3. Do not make other people feel disgusted by loud singing, noisy behavior, or other actions that may cause annoyance to neighboring residents.(This facility is a wooden facility located in a general residential area.)

  4. We will turn off the lights in the main building at 21:00 so as not to disturb the neighbors.

  5. Do not bring the following items into the facility. (1) Animals and birds (2) Things that emit a remarkably foul odor. (3) A significantly large amount of goods (4) Combustible or flammable items such as gunpowder and volatile oil (5) Firearms and swords not legally permitted to possess (6) Cannabis, narcotics, stimulants, etc.

  6. Do not engage in gambling or conduct that violates public morals within the facility.

  7. Do not let outsiders into the facility without reason.

  8. Do not move, process, take out, or use for purposes other than the intended purpose the various facilities and goods within the facility.

  9. Do not attach foreign objects to the buildings and equipment of the facility.

  10. Do not use the bath while intoxicated.

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