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Tsuchi to Ito offers the following dishes in the dining room of the main house.

The inn operates Mine Kanata Farm (private farm).
We grow organic vegetables and cereals, including specially cultivated rice, with a focus on pesticide-free natural farming.
Please enjoy our creative course meals featuring freshly picked vegetables, salads, pesticide-free rice, Shinshu salmon, and other local ingredients.

This is a course that you can only enjoy at our ryokan, and that features a wide variety of seasonal ingredients from Shinshu and Omi.

For guests staying overnight with no meal or breakfast only, we will prepare a special evening meal menu and provide information on nearby restaurants.
(Transportation service to and from restaurants is available.

If you have any allergies or food allergies, please let us know in the remarks column when you make a reservation.



We will prepare a holiday breakfast served with a salad of morning vegetables and a lacquered box.
If you prefer a Western-style meal, we can change it.

Please enjoy a quiet and rich morning in Omi vill, in a private space.

​Donabe GOHAN

Please try our specially cultivated Hazekake rice grown at Mine Kanata Farm (our own farm).

※Mine Kanata Farm insists on traditional natural cultivation (no pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers)

in the Omi region of Shinshu.

The rice is slowly dried in the sun for about two weeks by the sun and natural wind.

This drying method is gentle to the rice and nature, as it allows the rice to ripen and become more delicious.



Japanese Sake
We have a variety of sake from Shinshu.
There is also a sake tasting set.



A glass of wine with a strong grape flavor from Shinshu,
Bottled wine directly imported from Italy goes great with Japanese cuisine.

We offer a variety of products, from standard to Shinshu products.

​In addition, we have various types.

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